An Open Letter From A Once Flat-Broke, Debt-Ridden Nobody Who Found A Simple System For Getting Out of Debt and Becoming Debt-FREE!

This Letter Is To The Good, Honest, Hard-Working, Decent Men And Women Who Are Tired And Frustrated With All The Crazy, Silly, Outlandish (and Sometimes Dishonest) So-Called Business Opportunity Offers... But Who Are Willing To Put Forth Real Effort IF Given A Chance To Earn Outstanding Income And Who Want To Be Your Own BOSS. Here Is A SIMPLE Business You Can Operate Profitably.

Dear Friend,

Just a few short years ago, if anyone had told me I could earn over $1,000 A Day from the comfort of my home, sitting at my kitchen table and barely lifting a finger, I would have thought they were CRAZY. But, I am doing just that.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ed DeJoliet and just a couple of years ago I was $60,000 in debt, mostly credit cards, and working hard EVERY day. I had no idea how I would ever repay my creditors. I considered going bankrupt but that was inconsistent with my upbringing. "You always pay your debts."

So I struggled along each month paying the minimum amounts required and seeing no light at the end of my tunnel of indebtedness. Life was NO FUN at all. So I tried working part-time jobs. Then I began looking at business opportunities. But since I had almost no money to invest the "pickings" were very slim.
Scams and Rip-Offs Were In Over-Drive...
Most Were Designed To Take My Money... Not Make Me Money

Besides, there was an incredible number of rip-offs and scams that were anxious to separate me from what little money I did have. I investigated literally hundreds of "opportunities" supposedly for people who wanted to make extra income on a part-time or full-time basis. I came to the conclusion that most of these offers fit into four categories:

Category ONE Lacking ALL Credibility! "Get Rich While We Do All the Work" was one that seemed to think we are all idiots. How about "Take Your Local Phone Book To Get Names and We'll Pay You $5 For Each." Come on, we all know you can get the phone book on computer CD for less than a penny a name. Frankly, if you are interested in that kind of offer, this letter is NOT for you because I won't feed you any of this kind of nonsense.

Category TWO: Super IQ Required. Next, I considered network marketing. I don't consider myself as genius but I'm not stupid either. At least not in my estimation. Anyway, after all the circles and multipliers, PVs, PDs, weak legs, breakaways, qualifiers, points, and bonuses, I was completely fogged. I didn't have a clue. And I wasn't alone. Perhaps that's why 97 per cent of network marketing distributors never make a dime.

Category THREE: I Couldn't Give This Stuff Away FREE! How about medical billing for doctors. Or maybe selling trinkets from a catalog or shoes whose designs never made it into this century. There were many more that I looked at... but you get the picture. You may have even considered some of these yourself. Nobody wanted these products and services. PERIOD.

Category FOUR: GOOD But I Can't Afford It! I did find a few legitimate business opportunities after looking through a lot of garbage. The problem was they cost a whole lot more money than I could afford. After all MONEY was one of my MAJOR problems. I didn't have enough of it. Some of these opportunities required investments of $5 - $15 Thousand or more. Some required skills and talents I don't have and probably could not learn without great difficulty.
God Was Looking Out For Me. I'm Sure Of It...

BUT... I Still Had BIG Money Problems Called Unpaid Debts!

At that point, I was stuck until one day I stumbled into a used book store. I rarely visited the stores with new books because I felt I couldn't afford them. When I did go there, I always sat and read the books in the store... without buying them. I had already wasted enough on envelopes, postage, and no-good "plans" and "secrets" that didn't work.

But as the Creator would have it,
this was my day for a break...

I picked up a very old and very worn book on home-based business that was clearly outdated but it had an intriguing title. As I browsed through it I noticed several handwritten pages stuck inside. They were written in pencil.

As I took them out and began to read them, whoever wrote them was pointing out changes that needed to be made in the plan outlined in the book in order to make it work. It was very interesting but I thought the plan was too old to work now.

So I put the book back on the shelf and continued browsing. As I looked through this huge collection of other books, my mind kept being drawn back to those papers and the plan in that book.

Before leaving the store, I picked up the book again and re-read the Table of Content and the handwritten sheets of paper. I noticed that the book was only $1.50. So I bought it without much rhyme or reason other than curiosity, I guess.

To make a long story shorter, I took the book home, read it, and put it on the shelf with all the other "stuff" I had accumulated. Then about six months later, in the middle of one of my sleepless nights as I was worrying about my bills, an idea hit me. Why not use the plan in that book with a little twist to make it current.

I Had No Idea Whether It Would Work...
But It Was Better Than Worrying About My Bills

Over the next several weeks, I worked on the plan at every available opportunity. Finally I was ready to "roll it out." So I placed a small ad in one of the community papers, like Shoppers Guide or Thrifty Nickel... and waited for results. About two days after the first ad hit, I started receiving money orders and checks. That got me excited.

I took some of the books I had previously purchased on marketing and advertising off the shelf and tweaked the plan a bit more, including using 2-step advertising. Then I placed the ad again with minor changes. This time the floodgates really opened. I started receiving $50 - $150 a day.

So I tweaked the system again to include using modern technology, like a fax machine. My income climbed upwards of $1,000 a day.
Good News For You And Your Family...

I know... I know! You're probably saying. Okay Ed that's a wonderful story but it doesn't help me get out of my situation or predicament. What's In It For Me! Right?

As I said at the outset of this letter, you can do the same thing I am doing and start for less than $30. I have perfected a system that is so simple even an 10-year old child can do it. It requires no inventory but it does require a few hours a week of very light work. This is not one of those sit down and we'll do the all the work... you get the check schemes.

So what's the system you ask? My system sells valuable information that millions of people crave. My system is different because of HOW it sells the information. Both the information I provide and the system used are unique and powerful.

You NEVER have to talk to anyone. You NEVER deliver products. You NEVER carry or invest in inventory. You NEVER deal with customers. You NEVER face rejection. You NEVER have to bother your neighbors and friends. And none of your neighbors ever have to know what you are doing.

Let me ask you a simple question. Do you think there are people who are in debt like I was and who want to be Debt-Free? Okay. How about another question: Do you know anybody who might want to earn an extra $500 - $1,000 a week part-time working from home?

Of course, you do! I show you how to use my system to do both.
Are You Ready for Action..NOW!

Why would I want to share this information? For three reasons.
One: I will still make more money than I ever dreamed of. I'm not greedy. My primary objective and prayer was to get out of debt. Everything beyond that is "gravy." Plus, I am not giving away my system.

Two: I need your help. I don't have the skills to manage a large number of people, nor do I want to do that. I would rather work with independent contractors, such as you, than hassle with employees. So I am willing to split the profits. (No hidden agenda here.)

Three: I remember what it was like to worry about bills and being barely able to pay the minimum due each month on my credit cards. Call me crazy... but if I can help someone out of that situation I call it "giving back." But I don't believe in handouts. Handouts make people lazy. I do believe in giving a "hand up" to people willing to do their share.

Frankly, my wife thinks I'm nuts for allowing anyone to see any portion of my system. She, however, is not involved in the business and does none of the work. So I am doing it my way. And you can benefit.
My system is called Debt-Buster. It will get you out of debt and put money in your pockets. I need distributors who will help me market this dynamic product. If you are ready to stop losing money on worthless scams and rip-offs, this is a REAL opportunity to be in a business of your own for peanuts.

Here's just a few of the benefits of using my system:

bullet Payoff your debts faster than you thought possible
bullet How to own your home debt-free in half the time
bullet How to dramatically reduce the cost of almost every large purchase you make
bullet Discover money you never knew existed
bullet Shows you opportunities to get rich with scrimping
bullet Discover thousands of dollars you waste each year... guaranteed
bullet 7 Ways to curb debt instantly
bullet Two secrets your banker will NEVER tell you
bullet Why debt hurts your family more than you think
bullet How debt affects your health
bullet Good Debt - Bad Debt: How do you know?
bullet Automatic debt elimination system
bullet A super moneymaking system
bullet And much more

Ready for action? My system comes with a Full 90-Day, No Questions Asked, Courteous Refund Guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not excited by my system, I insist that you get a refund. I don't want or need dissatisfied customers. I want you to be totally happy with our association.